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2017/18 UCAS Apply

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✔︎ Bellerbys Law Foundation Program & A Levels in Jan 2017 

✔︎ Uni of Birmingham Law, Business & Humanities Foundation

✔︎ INTO U of Exeter Int'l Year One in Psychology, Engineering, Business & Accounting

✔︎ World No 62 Uni of Glasgow Int'l Year 1 Program

✔︎ Uni of Nottingham Foundation Program

✔︎ OxBridge Preparation Program (A levels) April 17 start


✔︎ 5 mth Foundation at INTO City Uni in Mar 17 with scholarship

✔︎ 5 mth Foundation at INTO Manchester in Mar 17

✔︎ 5 mth Foundation at Liverpool in Mar 17

✔︎ Uni of Sheffield ISC Foundation in Apr 17

✔︎ Australia Group of 8 Uni Foundation program

UNSW Foundation Program | Uni of Sydney Foundation Program Uni of Western Australia Fdn Year, ANU College & Uni of Adelaide Foundation

Most programs accepts Sec4E/Sec 5N preliminary results. Please bring yr mid year results for application & scholarship assessmen


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✔︎ For current Sec4/O level/A level/IB students, your last term result

✔︎ For poly students, up to date results (online)

✔︎ Copy of Passport

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